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just saw someone on FB say that solar energy is a scam. Bro. the sun is Always here

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Yeah but have you seen how slow it moves across the sky? Lazy bastard

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My niece made her first edgy OC and I honestly couldn't be prouder.

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[로리늑대수인임신믹스 ]( "로리늑대수인임신믹스 )

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conspiracy theory: thell is the servers

proof: every time thell sleeps the site goes down

anti-proof: consumes coffee, which would fry electronics

anti-anti-proof-theory: thell is an ai who lives on and maintains the servers and consumes coffee by ordering it online

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Criticism in art community!

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Sooo, art community and criticism huh??

There is a lot of comics out there that express the thought most artists agree on: artist has the right to ban people for being generally rude about their art work and/or leaving criticism they weren't asked for.

These posts get different responces, and here i will talk about the six types of those responses.

1. What do those artists expect, they're on the Internet! Uploading your work means you're ready to hear any kind of crap from anyone who sees it!

Dear asker, how often do you come up to people in the street and tell them rudely you dislike their outfit?

By your logic, it's completely acceptable since the person in the street is available for you to see. Oh, you're afraid they will react negatively to you? Well, they have the right to do so, and so does the artist you see online! In your own word, asker - you're on the Internet, too, so get ready to be banned by those who dislike you!

2. Oh, so you just equate all constructive criticism to being rude? You think I'm being rude? You think banning everyone for disagreeing with you is the right thing?

The original post almost never says anything like that, and yet almost always there's a comment like that. No one has said anything about you specifically! No one even said anything about their criteria for constructive criticism and now you are already acting like your freedom is in danger. It's not. Calm down.

If your criticism gets getting banned and/or deleted everywhere, remember that doing criticism right is not that easy. Is your criticism necessary, kind, etc.? There are lots of discussions around this topic that might help you understand it better! And sometimes people just do not want to see you or have a conversation with you for their own reason. It's just a thing that happens with people, and the artist community isn't at fault for your negative experience!

3. But artists need criticism! An artist can't just not accept constructive criticism, if they call themselves an artist. It makes them learn and grow! If not me, than who?

You do not know the artist personally, so you are no judge to their growth.

Maybe they're already taking criticism from offline communities. Maybe they see the mistake they've made already and don't want to recieve 200 similar comments about their mistake. Maybe they would rather ask a professional for criticism than only listen to what people of the Internet think. And maybe they just don't care about their mistakes, because they do art for fun! Yes, you are allowed to do that! Anyway, why would you care about the quality of their art if you aren't paying for it??

"But..." listen, even expected constructive criticism can stagnate the work process if it's not done in the right time. Famous people have said that! Criticism should take place when the artist asks for it, this way the artist will get maximum benefit from it!

4. I criticise constructively and only when i am asked, however... - maybe, again, you should rethink your definition of constructive criticism according to question 2. I am not writing about this here, but the rule of thumb is that criticism is supposed to help, not to demotivate.

5. But my personal attitude on criticism is...

That's fine! Express it on your art blog and make sure it's respected! But don't expect everyone to have the same attitude - we're all people!

6. But assholes on the Internet are inevitable! And some people even have good intentions! What if we just grow the thicker skin and...

And what if we just ban the unwanted critics, or, at least, send this post to them? What if we all just grow the "polite" skin? It seems easier, after all.

around this time last year (I think), I had an assignment where I had to collect responses on a piece of work I did. well, I have the same assignment this year, and I chose this piece! so, if you enjoy this drawing, consider leaving a comment either in comments bit (technically description but you know what I mean lmao) or in the tags about what you did and didn’t like about it!

I don’t expect anyone to, but I would still appreciate it. thanks in advance, and even if you don’t leave a comment, I hope you enjoy this drawing of Kris!

also I realized I kinda sound like a youtuber here, sorry about that lol

also in the news: an annoying journalist follows a trained S.T.A.R.S. agent around a zombie-infested mansion and asks him stupid questions about what it’s like being in the S.T.A.R.S. until she realizes she’s not getting answers and decides to be helpful

so, this is one of my OCs, Reina Bailón! she's a Resident Evil OC I made recently. I posted about her on my tumblr as well, and figured "hey, I said that this waterfall account would be for my characters", and decided to post here too!

btw chances are that I'll screw up somewhere along the line and her timeline won't match up with the canon timeline. if so, then just let me know and I'll do what I can to fix it!

her bio is below the cut! also there are two pictures because I was really proud of the second, because I actually managed to do a semi-realistic style dghjgdfk.

NAME: Reina Bailón

AGE: 36


GENDER: Female

MAJOR LIKES: Photography, bugs, and scrap booking.

MAJOR DISLIKES: Birds, museums, and sea travel.

TRAITS: Reina is best known for being charismatic and humorous, although she’s also been known to be extremely generous and loyal. She can come off as very arrogant and rude under the wrong circumstances, however, and she tends to bring trouble wherever she goes. She also often gets lost asking questions and cracking jokes, forgetting that she needs to lend a helping hand as well.


Reina was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, on June 16th, 1962, to Olivia and Markus Bailón. She spent most of her childhood in her parent’s apartment, not doing much of anything. She found a hobby in scrap booking when she was 13, and initially planned to become a photographer. However, it quickly became clear that her own photography skills were less-than-average. At around 16, she realized her talent in writing and, although it was not originally a passion, she began to look into journalism as a possible career.

She married her wife, Emilia, in 1986 and they adopted their son, Rodger, two years later. They then moved to Raccoon City, and into a little house, in order to make room for the growing family.

A little while before the events that occurred in Raccoon City, Reina caught wind of some suspicious things going on up in the Arklay Mountains. She decided to go investigate, only to quickly find herself trapped inside a zombie-filled mansion, armed with a more-or-less useless flashlight and a handgun. While trying to find a safe way past the “zombie-dogs” (as she called them), she encountered Chris Redfield and, soon later, Rebecca Chambers. Making a decision that would later save her life, she chose to follow the two around and attempt to help them leave the mansion.

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pro tip to boost your confidence: dress like a greek god and let the hubris get to your head

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might fuck around and become completely incapable of grasping concepts as a whole

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I see we're really calling it the splashboard. I feel like I've cursed wf

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okay so its a decent name but who tf calls it a dashboard, you call it a dash and you really cant do that with splashboard

can we call it the stream instead? (damn you livestreams)

the brook? creek?

ThE bEcK????

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I see we're really calling it the splashboard. I feel like I've cursed wf

lime -

okay so its a decent name but who tf calls it a dashboard, you call it a dash and you really cant do that with splashboard

can we call it the stream instead? (damn you livestreams)

the brook? creek?

ThE bEcK????

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What a wonderful night to love and respect women!

an intro post?? in MY generic account??

more likely than you think.

anyways hello! I'm Stennie. I draw and write things sometimes but I'll prolly just post memes and be dumb. my main interests atm (they tend to rapidly change) include the Fallout series, most Valve games (Tf2, Left 4 Dead, etc), and a few other minor things I won't post as much, like Red vs Blue and Deltarune/Undertale.

I also have a google docs kin list if ya want the link!

this site looks really cute and nice so far!

best wishes to y'all!

- Stennie

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trans rights are human rights

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laserc0py asked:

I have yet to recieve an email with the varify link, will it take a little longer? When can I expect one?

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Check your spam box - my working theory right now is the sudden influx of new users has tripped some warnings somewhere since the site is sending out a lot more emails than usual. If it's not through in an hour, try resending!

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yeah, I couldn't find the emails either and it turns out they were in my spam box. idk iif my addition helps at all, but I wanted to add.